Testimony: Chad Leonard

This short testimony, in the form of a letter, was given to me by Chad Leonard, a delegate to the Maine State Republican Convention in 2012.

To Who It May Concern:

My name is Chad Leonard. I attended the GOP caucus in February 2012. There I was elected, along with friends Travis Bogan and Kit McCall, as delegates to the GOP State Convention as well as a voting members for The Penobscot County GOP.

My dues to the GOP were paid in June of 2012. I attended the election for County Chair.

When entering I was informed that my name was not of the voting list and I would not be able to vote.

 Kit McCall had asked if it were possible to call Travis Bogan, and with his permission use his vote since he was unable to attend. We were told that was not allowed. It would have to be done in writing and before the election was held.

However, a woman who the treasurer of the Penobscot County, Harrison Clark, says he does not have the name of the woman to whom he gave Scott Fish's proxy after a telephone call was placed to him minutes before the election.

Pertinent Links:

The official letter to the Maine Republican State Committee members, announcing Chairman Rich Cebra's intention to deny the actual appeal, appoint a non-binding "investigative committee" to look into the illegitimate election of the Penobscot County Committee's officers as well as the nomination for a replacement for Probate Judge Allan Woodcock's replacement

The email sent by Maine GOP Chair Rich Cebra inviting a total of three people to submit their testimony, and excluding as has become his habit, the original appellant, Ken Anderson

State Committee Facebook discussion about the response, begun March 20, 2013

Second but simultaneous State Committee Facebook discussion about the response, begun March 20 2013

The followup email sent by State Committee member Andy Torbett, emphasizing the hoops anyone who wishes to testify must clear.

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