Continued Corruption in the Maine GOP

Having apparently failed to recognize that his state party is falling into the abyss of corruption which is now quite public, Maine State Republican Committee Chair Rich Cebra has apparently continued to turn a blind eye to his party's corruption on more than one front.

Cebra has now become infamous for tantrums and refusal to communicate with Maine Republicans who refuse to follow his lead and will not ignore Cebra's influence in the continued corruption.

Despite the Bangor Daily News blog, Underground Porcupine, and its public exposure of this dismal failure to lead, he continues to fail to lead. Rather than respond to her or those in his party who have expressed concern, he has opted out of conversations, refused to respond to phone messages, emails, or social media messages. Instead, he unleashes his attack dogs to harangue all who express concern, contempt, or disgust at his actions and his turn at the helm.

Despite a prominent Republican's public calls for Rich Cebra to step down, along with an enumeration of the reasons, there is not one peep from Higgins Street or a single response from Cebra.

Did his mother never teach him basic etiquette? Not to mention even a passing acquaintance with fairness and rule-following?

And despite the published open letter to Governor Paul LePage about how Rich Cebra is ruining the Governor's chances at re-election, not a word from the usually vocal Rich Cebra.

Aside from the ongoing corruption in which I wrote about in the first part of this site, it seems that the Penobscot County Committee, under the former state Senator Deb Plowman, is continuing to flout the bylaws of that county

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