The State GOP Budget Breach

The Maine State GOP has a history of "problems" with its treasury. 

I won't go into detail here, because although I believe it's important to know the history behind the problem, that history is not currently the problem. It's an indication of the GOP's weakness in that area.

The most recent scandal involving the Maine Republican Party and its treasury was first made public on the literal eve of the last state GOP convention. 

It involved the fact that Treasurer Phil Roy "borrowed" $15,000 from the GOP treasury, supposedly without Chairman Charlie Webster's permission. According to Webster, Roy asked to borrow it, and Webster told him no. Next day, Webster checked the treasury to be sure the money wasn't gone, and it was!

Webster allowed Roy to resign and failed to let the State Committee know for almost three years, and that was only after the feds were investigating him for "misuse of federal funds" at his next job and had found out about the coverup of the theft in Maine. 

Here is the basic story from the Bangor Daily News from May 9, 2012.

Enough background. Here are the most current events regarding the budget issue, the failure of leadership to follow the bylaws regarding the bylaws, and the resignation of a concerned Republican. 

Pertinent Links:

Maine State Republican Committee Bylaws 

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