Cebra's "Solution"

In this section about the actions that the Maine Republican Party will take in this matter -- which he has decreed is not something the Maine State Party should be involved in -- Chairman Rich Cebra has this to say about what he claims is "necessary to bring this controversy to a resolution adequate to reasonable people":

A thorough and complete investigation into the January 17, 2013 Penobscot County Republican Committee election of officers, which may include, but is not limited to: any and all points raised by the several parties that have communicated either directly to the party or publicly across various media on the matter; questions surrounding the controversy that may be raised by the Maine Republican Party Chair; questions surrounding the controversy that may be raised by the recently departed Penobscot County Republican Chair; questions surrounding the controversy that may be raised by the current Penobscot County Republican Chair; questions surrounding the controversy that may be raised by the unsuccessful candidate for Penobscot County Chair on the election of January 17, 2013.

An opportunity for all interested parties to make their case to the investigatory panel. These interested parties may include members of the Penobscot County Republican Committee, recently departed Penobscot County Republican Committee Leadership and members of the Maine Republican Party State Committee and Maine Republican Party Executive Committee. At a time in the near future, the Chairman will issue instructions to all interested parties as to the proper manner in which they can submit their testimony.

A thorough and complete report of the findings of the investigation to be presented to the state committee in executive session no later than 60 days after the investigation is concluded.

A thorough and complete review of the Penobscot County Rules and By-laws to be followed by recommendations and reforms to protect from the possibility of future controversies of a similar nature and to provide guidance to the current Chairperson as to the proper administration of Penobscot County Republican Committee business.

But Rich Cebra thought it wise to deal out make-work to a panel which has no power.

The Chair of the Maine State Republican Party, Richard M. Cebra, suggests that reforms and recommendations be formulated and then followed to keep this situation from happening again. It would appear to the "normal" person that making it clear that cheating is not tolerated would be a good recommendation. 

Had Chairman Rich Cebra bothered to heed any of the numerous requests that he remain at the meeting after his speech, that might have kept the original "controversy" from taking place to begin with. 

When Cebra was running for Chair of the Party, one of his explicit promises was that he would ensure that all committees he appointed would be "balanced, with members of all 'factions' of the party in them." That is not what he did in this case. He has pointed out repeatedly, he is able to do so per his authority as Chair. 

But having promised numerous members of those whose votes he sought, it is shameful that he decided he could break the promise of fundamental fairness:

The Chairman will instruct a panel, appointed to serve at his pleasure, to conduct this investigation.

He goes on to explain how his panel will be issuing a non-binding report on its findings. He further states that after the non-binding report is issued that will be the end of it. There will be no solution to this illegitimate situation Penobscot County now finds itself in. There will be no legal election to replace the illegal one. There will be nothing but a report which is to be used to do not much more than mollify the disenfranchised legal voters on the County Committee.

It will leave in place a woman, former Maine State Representative Deb Plowman, who was not legally elected. It will let sit the fact that the bylaws were breach and continue to be breached, and it will once again allow people who are not legal voters to vote for new bylaws which make them legal voters.

Here is Maine State Republican Chair's "solution" to the fraudulent election:

"This panel will conduct a thorough, complete investigation into this controversy and will issue a non-binding report of its findings. These findings will be final, and the Maine Republican Party will take no further action regarding additional investigation, administrative actions or any other action other than those prescribed by the aforementioned directive to review and suggest reforms to the Penobscot County Republican Committee Rules and By-laws."

And then, just in case someone tries again to fix the illegal situation the County Committee finds itself in due to the illegal vote on suspending bylaws regarding voting, Mr. Cebra slams that door:

"Additionally, with this notice, the Maine Republican Party will not entertain or answer any further appeals regarding the January 17, 2013 Penobscot County Republican Committee election of officers."

Pertinent Links:

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