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While it's not actually a trial, the Maine State Republican Party has empaneled an "investigative committee" which has been charged with hearing the evidence about the inarguably illicit election in Penobscot County.

They have also been charged with creating a non-binding report for the Maine State Chair, Rich Cebra, who has already clearly stated in his correspondence will not be used to right the obvious wrong, despite Cebra's insistence that the rules are foremost in importance.

This panel will conduct a thorough, complete investigation into this controversy and will issue a nonbinding report of its findings. These findings will be final, and the Maine Republican Party will take no further action regarding additional investigation, administrative actions or any other action other than those prescribed by the aforementioned directive to review and suggest reforms to the Penobscot County Republican Committee Rules and By-laws.

In other words, the panel is being put together for no real reason, other than perhaps to quell the upset of those who were first cheated when non-voting members were allowed to vote, and then cheated again when Maine GOP Chair Richard M. Cebra told the bulk of those who were cheated that they were "not affected persons."

Pertinent Links:

Letter from Chair Rich Cebra, alternately threatening legal action and accusing those who objected to the Penobscot scandal and the way Cebra insulted more than half of the legal voting members of the Penobscot County Committee

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