The Appeals

The following pages contain details about the appeals:

The account of the first appeal to the Maine State Republican Committee, filed by Penobscot County Republican Committee member Ken Anderson and that actual appeal;

The response -- or some would say "non-response" -- to that appeal by Rich Cebra, Chair of Maine's Republican Party, along with the actual documents in which Cebra hands down his decision that Mr. Anderson, while one of the few legal voters in that election, was "not an affected person";

The summary of the second appeal to the State GOP, filed by Bryan Daugherty, who was the Maine State Committeeman at that time, as well as that actual appeal;

Cebra's "response" to Mr. Daugherty, which was really more of a sidestepping of the State Bylaws and Cebra's duties as state chair;

And the fallout, which included the resignations of Mr. Anderson and four State Committee members -- Julie Morgan, Bryan Daugherty, Michelle Anderson, and Rachel Gerlach -- as a direct result of Cebra's failure to lead, or to even acknowledge that the illegal voting was something he could remedy but would not because that election got the result he desired.

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