Memo to Bryan

Maine State Republican Chair Richard M. Cebra sent this memorandum to Bryan Daugherty regarding the lawyer's opinion of the appeal and Rich Cebra's decision on the matter.

Cebra basically parroted the memo from the attorney, with no explanation of his own. The Rule 27 opinion was never explained, despite repeated requests for an answer.

In the end, the decision was that Bryan Daugherty, whom they could not exclude as an "affected person," was asking them to do something that Rule 23 would not "allow" because the rule only helps the State Party, not individuals.

And in a gasp-inducing entry, the Chair found that the Republican Party did not consider more than 20 non-voting Republicans voting on whether they could vote or not a "breach" of bylaws.

Nor did the Chair believe that the fact that the illegally vested voters -- who did not even approach the election, dues, and attendance qualifications set forth in the County bylaws -- elected a woman who had not bothered to attend a County Committee meeting in at least the last year was a breach.

And once again, he mentioned State GOP Rule 27, which no one could explain.

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