December's Draft Minutes

Linked from this page is what the Secretary of the Penobscot County Republican Committee terms "a rough draft" of the minutes of the December 20, 2012 meeting which is described above. 

As you will see in the text, the portions in red are some of the corrections made by members of the Executive Committee. Because of the blind list method used by the secretary, Wanda Lincoln, it is not possible for anyone other than Ms. Lincoln to see responses, and though several people indicated that they had made corrections, some never made it into the corrected draft.

This email went out to some, but not all, of the Executive Committee and did not go to other legal voting members, including Millinocket member Ken Anderson, who submitted a correction despite that fact. 

In any event, the draft of the minutes is pointless, as it is a) inaccurate, and b) as per past practice, not going to be presented for approval.

Pertinent Links:

The email "rough draft" of the minutes from December 20, with corrections by State Committeeman Bryan Daugherty, which have never been corrected or presented for approval

Correction to the email "rough draft" of the minutes from the first appellant, Ken Anderson, who had not been sent the email but who got it from his wife, a State Republican Committeewoman at Large

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