The Non-Binding Report

The non-binding report was handed down and distributed to a select seven people, and it was exactly as expected. 

The recommendations included a series of points which basically said that it was wrong, but that the corruption in the Penobscot County Republican Committee goes back so far that "to disallow the election of Penobscot's officers for cause of this dysfunction would by extension disallow all elections and business that has happened within the state of dysfunction that Penobscot is in. This is far too problematic and is not recommended."

The first 18 points made excuses for Deb Plowman's illegal election, saying she didn't know it was illegal, pretended that because it was corrupt for so long, the illegality would stand, and then recommended that the Penobscot County Republican Committee act legally henceforth.

But the absolute gem was the 19th point, which symbolizes what Maine State Republican Chairman Rich Cebra stands for: lipstick on a pig. The recommendation that Andy Torbett, GOP shill and chair of the "investigative committee," actually wrote down, presumably with a straight face is this:

The Penobscot County Republicans should consider rebranding their Committee, something that could symbolize a new start, a logo, etc. 

The "report" in its entirety is here:

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