The Second Appeal

On March 9, 2013, Maine State Committeeman for Penobscot County Bryan Daugherty submitted an appeal, as he was one of only two voting members of the Penobscot County Committee who qualified as "affected persons" as far as Chair Rich Cebra was concerned.

He included the same incident in his appeal, and asked for the same solution: A legal election comprised of only legal voting members as outlined by the Committee's bylaws.

But he added in the fact that Roberts Rules of Order addresses continuing breaches of the bylaws and asserts that there is no time limit for such breaches.

This is a key point that is apparently ignored by those who side with Chair Rich Cebra in his decision to ignore the corruption. Here is how Bryan worded it in his appeal:

Roberts Rules of Order, Edition 11, page 251, Point of Order, says "The only exceptions to the rule that a point of order must be made at the time of the breach arise in connection with breaches that are of a continuing nature, in which case a point of order can be made at any time during the continuance of the breach. Instances of this kind occur when..:

A.) A main motion has been adopted that conflicts with the bylaws of the organization.

D.) Any action that has been taken in violation of a fundamental principle of parliamentary law.

E.) Any action has been taken in violation of a rule protecting absentees, a rule in the bylaws requiring a vote to be taken by ballot, or a rule protecting a basic right of an individual member. 

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Second appeal, filed by Bryan Daugherty, one of only two voting members who are qualified as "affected persons" per the ruling of Maine State Republican Committee Chair Richard M. Cebra

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