Corrupt Maine GOP

My name is Michelle Anderson, and I was elected to the Maine State Republican Committee as an at large member representing Penobscot County. Due to that position, I was a member of the Penobscot County Republican Committee Executive Committee. And I am the wife of former Penobscot County Republican Committee member Ken Anderson, who wrote the first appeal in the scandal involving the illegitimate election of officers in that committee.

This site is in response to the plethora of people who know that something happened on the night of the January 17, 2013 Penobscot County Republican Committee election, but they either know nothing more or have misconceptions that there were a small number of illegal voters that night.

The fact is that there were fewer than 50 voting members  of that committee, and that only 36 of those who had actually been elected or were legally entitled by their ex-officio positions to be voting members of that committee.

Yet 71 people voted, making the results of that election unquestionably illegal.

The Chair of the Maine State Republican Committee Richard M. "Rich" Cebra, refused to step in despite being begged to do so by two State Committee members who advised him that illegal votes were about to take place.

And afterwards, the two appeals which were submitted per both County and State GOP Committee bylaws were virtually ignored.

This site contains the story of what happened as well as a written record of subsequent attempts to right the wrong with the illicitly-elected Chair of the Penobscot GOP Committee, Deb Plowman.

It also contains the two appeals, the documents sent back to the Committee by Maine State GOP Chairman Rich Cebra to support his indifference to the blatant violation of rules as well as ethics, and the aftermath of that decision, including numerous resignations of State Committee members in response and the loss of numerous, and uncounted, members of the County Committee and unenrollments by voters specifically in response to this outrage.

I hope that those who wish to know what happened will read through it all, and those who are looking for a way to support the unsupportable Rich Cebra and his wrong-headed decision will read through this with an open mind.

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