Attempts at Prevention

Given the telegraphing of the fact that an illegal election would be taking place at the January meeting, I personally called Chairman Rich Cebra in early January to tell him of my concerns about the looming problem. I asked -- actually, I virtually begged -- him to remain at the meeting after his speech for the election, as I was convinced that we stood something of a chance of having a legitimate election if he were present. He responded that he would be leaving immediately after his speech.

I called him the morning of the election and asked again. He refused to answer me, and instead said he had to go and hung up abruptly.

Just before noon on the day of the January 17 election, State Committeeman for Penobscot County Bryan Daugherty sent a message to Rich Cebra reiterating the problems that were going to happen at the election. Rich declined to help keep the peace.


And sure enough, after his speech, Maine State Republican Chairman Rich Cebra left hurriedly.

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